Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sisipan 12

I lift, looked and gaze at the sky
The big blue world ahead wide open
Makes me started to even wondering why
Oh why has not my heart being taken

As for long I seek for she's the one
To fill the emptiness that lies within
And yet I found only no one
So empty again it hurts deep in

Together was not the word I treasure
As I always become a loner
Like I said even I cannot be sure
To have someone before this coming summer

But now I know which one is better
To be together or a lonely ranger
It doesn't matter which one is the answer
Coz I have ALLAH right now right here....

p/s: Ini sekadar nukilan idea minda. Tiada kaitan dengan perasaan jiwang penulis...hihi. Sekadar cuba berkarya di dalam bahasa inggeris...beam3!!!


alhaqimi said...

jd shakespears la pas neh!

aShaBuLz said...

bleh2....tapi ada ka orang nk beli buku kalo aku buat? hahaha..