Sunday, January 3, 2010


Looking back on those felt like only yesterday I became a teacher at that school.
Still remember that after two days of working, I've been called as the class teacher for Form 3C - 3 Cekal....and deep down inside me, I am feeling very excited...couldn't actually explained it but one thing for sure, the feeling was one damn great feeling. lol..
So I walked up the stairs going towards my classroom. Oho...I could hear the noise coming from my classroom...and I started to think...'Oh my God..'
*dup dup*
*dup dup*
But hey, the class suddenly became very quiet as I walked into it. lol...may be....may be only...that..they were attracted to my charm?..ekekeke.
Well that was the gist of it. My first time on becoming a class teacher. Haha...3C didn't really gives me much of a headache during my post as their class teacher.
But you know what, they are really cute. Totally adorable!! It doesn't matter chinese, indian or bumiputra....they are all cute. Guess 3C didn't stand for 3 Cekal can also be 3 Comel =)
Part of 3C
That was one year, I am not a teacher anymore...and they are not in Form 3. But there are students that still contact with me.
So...on the 1st January 2010, we set up a small reunion at Ampang Point. The agenda was to play bowling together...hehe. One of my favourite sport.
So after Jumaat prayer at Taman Kosas, I went to Ampang Point. they have grown up! Beautiful!! Splendid!! lol..
Prepare to lose...haha
Eventhough not all of the classroom came but it is a relief to find that they are ok with their study. Most of them will continue their Form 4 in science and account classes. Good for you!!
Oh by the way, I won the bowling game...hehe.
Dear viewers, do you know what makes a teacher happy when he/she mets his/her ex-students?
The word 'teacher' =)
p/s: sorry for the lines...still having trouble with my paragraphs spacing..


alhaqimi said...


fuh! popular ekaw ek..

anyway..aku sayang cikgu aku..sayang pendidik aku...banyak2 profesion..pendidik paling aku respek..sebab parent aku pon pendidik..haha

ape pon cikgu, patotnya bertimbang rasa la sikit...kalah kan budak2 kecik maen bowling...haha...

meh lawan ngan aku bowling..baru buku bertemu ruas! yezarrr

Inah said...

I know what it mean to be a teacher..good job dear ;)

Aidy Shahiezad said...

owh.. pena jadi cikgu rupanya... ngajar ape ea bro ??

aShaBuLz said...

hahaha....ala bukan aku yang ajak. diorang yang nak men boling..kalah menang adat pertandingan.

tak puas ati meh sini lawan. ekekeke..

huhu....oh i just love teaching =)

aShaBuLz said...

hehe..sempat ajar pendidikan jasmani,sivik dan amalan bahasa melayu untuk pelajar peralihan je.

@xiM said...

i love teaching too.

you are a great techer,dont you know that?

i can tell.

Alan said...

waa ade banyak awek..kenal kenalkan ler kat aku

zul said...

well, aku pon penah jadi cikgu...

but aper yg betul2 menyentuh perasaan bukan panggilan 'cikgu' itu, but biler pelajar2 bersalam ngan kiter then cium tangan kiter... wah, berbaloi segala usaha...

lea said...

ade x student mengorat cikgu pika..
xpun cikgu pika mengorat student..

aShaBuLz said...

haha...i still got space for some improvements bro..but i'll do my best to be one!! heh.

tak leh tak leh...ko dah ada silap. aweks..haha.

aShaBuLz said...

oit2...tu cuma apply kat plajar lelaki jer..kalau pelajar pompuan macam mana pulak? haha..

bagi aku panggilan cikgu tu dah cukup untuk buat aku terharu..huhu~

alamak...ehehe. tak ada...kot. huhu

Alan said...

alaa kenal kan ler sorang..ko ni kemut ler hahaha

aShaBuLz said...

tett.....tak leh. haha...

Anonymous said...

Nak jadi cikgu. Fuhh. best oh. (:

aShaBuLz said...

hehe...jom join jadi cikgu. best2!!