Wednesday, December 9, 2009

bZ buT haPpy!!

This newly passed November has been a very busy month for me...haha.

With all the courses......syllabus to catch...thousands of sheets to fill in and outstation assignments, my time for my laptop has definitely been cut off. Oh not to mention the internet around here....that is just another permanent factor *sigh

Let me just give U, my lovable viewer a short and simple story on what I did on November...

1. FIRA robot.

I was invited as a representative from my institution (a last minute replacement actually..haha) to witness the FIRA Soccer Robot competition that was held in Polytechnic Port Dickson. It was great !!

Soccer Robot..go!!

There, I learn on how to program the robot, the software use and etc. It was a great exposure for someone as amateur as me...hehe. Oh, and I've made some new friends too!! In fact, I even learn a thing or two about IC, PLC and PIC from them. Thanks dudes!!

Next year FIRA

Btw, if budget is ok, next year we'll be competing for the U better watch out! yeehaa!!

2. Pra - Graduation Dinner 09

Yes, I was one of the committee and I'm in charge of the backdrop session.

The theme is black and white (suddenly MJ face starting to fill my head..). So, here it is....walla!!

The prop

My team got credits for such a nice backdrop..haha..proud to be part of the team.

3. Student carrier path 09

This was actually a one day seminar for the last semester students. It gives briefing on how to go to the interview...the attire...attitude and resume.

It also helps in motivates students to carefully planned their path - working or pursue a degree.

This time around, I'm not the speaker..thank God. hehe..

4. Surveillance Audit

Aiyak..!!! It was like a nightmare!! Haha....

The two days of auditing felt somewhat like 2 months! Hehe....I'm sure U should know that by the word auditing, it surely involves documents.

Where is the file?

Most of U surely have gone through the auditing process...kinda scary huh.

Thank God no NCR for my department...Alhamdulillah~

Auditing in process..

5. BTN

BTN comes 2 days right after Surveillance Audit...

It was great. The facts on how we achieve Merdeka was nicely being elaborate. We should know what is the content of Social Contract.

The patriotism before we achieve Merdeka was way better than today..*sigh

6. The last one....MQA.

Still working on it. Got to prepare all the documents A.S.A.P...huhu

Only God knows the details...haha


Well U know what, even though November seems to be one of the busiest month that I had, to tell u the truth, I kinda enjoying it!!

It was fun meeting new friends, sharing knowledge...and got to know new stuffs.

And yet, even though I'm still busy, I'll always happy!!


alhaqimi said...

lucky for u pika~ still manage to feel happy even doe busy with all ur stuff!!

nie leh dapat anugerah perkhidmatan cemerlang nie..haha =]

zul said...

hampir2 tidak mengecam kamu... lain skit ah skrg.. little bite bigger... heheheh

aShaBuLz said...

APC ka? aiyooo...jauh lagi bro. aku pun jadi orang blkng tabir je...lagi best. heh

haha..muka ngan perut mmg dah naik. tak tau la bila dah kawin nnt macam mana...hehe. kung du panda la jawabnya..

lea said...

busynya die...

cantik backdrop tue...

aShaBuLz said...

hehe...thanks..puas ati dapat buat yang termampu.

Afzainizam said...

sorry lama gak aku tak lawat blog ko ni... sorry agak sibuk lah sesejak ni

tahniah ..... pada korang...

yup muka ko dah lain lah...aku gak hampir tak cam ko tu....

cam best je kat sana blak & white malam graduan

zana. said...

bz but happy? great. patut lah happy sebab ada majlis itu and ini. (: makin gemuk?eh,biasa je.!

p/s: awk ada post comment ek utk entry terbaru saya?boleh post out balik tak? tak sempat baca.mcm dah terdelete. =]]

aShaBuLz said...

hehe..perasan gak ko dah lama tak update. best r ko rebuild balik persona tu. nampak macam baru..

malam graduan tu best gak. semua bjalan lancar..alhamdulillah.

muka aku lain?...haha

hehe...naik sikit kot. orang kata pipi bertambah tembam...kah3

p/s: saya dah komen balik..heh