Friday, October 30, 2009


Im having a f*** day today.
A very f*** day indeed.
Don't know how to describe it but it's just so.... f***...just great.
Well who would have thought a normal Friday would turn out to be so damn f***.
..wish there is someone beside share this day together..
Anyhow, with all the feelings I have inside me right now, just wondering would this f*** day get any better?
Now, change the word "f***" to the word "FINE".
Read the sentences again.
How do U feel now?
Relief? Happy? Enjoy?

Haha...U see, I'm sure most of the viewer, the first time they read the sentences, the f*** word would be automatically be transformed into a famous foul word which is f*c*...and as U go on reading it, you get this uneasy feelings all over U. Because U read the sentences in a negative way.

What happen when U read the sentences by using the word Fine instead of the f*c* word? Easy! U'll feel that you just share some happy moments with the author and get this comfort yet warm feelings in U. And why is that? Because U read the sentences in a positive way. An appropriate way to be exact!!

So, it matters on how U see or analyze your thinking style. Positive way generates positive attitude and vice versa. Don't let your little negative thinking blocking your thoughts. Positive attitude gives positive aura. For U and for people around U!

So go ahead and start to think like a pro!! Start thinking positive!! U can do it!! Yes u can!!

p/s: saja cuba tulis dalam bahasa inggeris...hehe..silap grammar harap maaf ye.


Inah said...

ok je english entry ni..hehehehe..good on you!!

akak pun ingat F**k tadi :P..opps

zana. said...

sometime people always misunderstood of something. isk isk. (:

p/s:tak salah mencuba. =]] setiap manusia buat slh.dan ada ruang utk perbaiki. =]]

oyen said...

sangat f*** okey post kau ini!!!

aku loike!!!


adie-ishmael said...

aiyyo...ingatkan f apa memula tu...

Afzainizam said...

Salam dari kami

Sikap positif memberi aura positif...

klu kamu tengok magnet pun positif dengan positif akan menolak.. tapi bila positif dengan negetif pasti dia menarik...

eeeemmm fikir-fikirkan lah ye

alhaqimi said...

ok! the point is we should think positive rite...hahaha..dah taw dah!

have a f*** day! beam3

anntaj said...


Aidy Shahiezad said...

very nice entry.. well done...

entri nie telah pun membuka mataku agar cuba berfikir kreatif dari sisi lain... thanx... ;)

DrSam said...

such a f*** writing (thinking in a positive way :)

aShaBuLz said...

hehehe...thanks sis!

yup. that's right. huhu....thanks for the compliment.

aShaBuLz said...

hahaha....thank u thank u...huhu

uiks...jangan pikir f lain. ni f baik punya..haha

aShaBuLz said...

hehehe....jap2..ngah pikir-pikirkan ni..huhu

yup absolutely correct!!

aShaBuLz said...


hehehe...sekadar berkongsi buah fikiran..

u r most welcome

aShaBuLz said...

a f*** writing indeed..hoho :D