Sunday, May 23, 2010

mY neW ceiLinG


New ceiling?!!


Actually it's not new. More like a modification for my ceiling...hehehe.

But hey...what is this all about? Suddenly out of nowhere I'm writing about's the story~

*bling~ bling~ bling~* (flashback sound effects)

It has been almost 10 months since I've moved to this house. The air is gentle and the condition is ok~

Located on the top level which is the roof, it's like living everyday on the Eyes of Malaysia where I could see most of the institute from here...and yes, this place is still green and it would be a very pleasant morning to wake up and see all the green scenery here and everywhere~

But however....there is one little problem actually....and this one little problem has given me one big headache...


I'm not living alone in my room....there are others..and....they are not human...


It's the dove~


Yup, the dove-pigeon-'merpati'.

As you readers can see, I'm living on the roof top. Thus my ceiling connected to the roof. So as the story goes by, these pigeons were living on my roof!!

My 'old' ceiling and the pigeons just love it!!

How they got in there?

How should I know? LOL

By the way, because these pigeons live on my ceiling and they live quite an active life (walking and jumping on the ceiling)...there will always dust and unwanted particles that lingering around my room.

There was this time when I went for a course in a week. Back from the course, my bed and floor was fill with this dusts and some people called 'hama'...huh...only God knows my anger at that time. Hihi~

So, I know my limit - I cannot fly to catch this pigeon and give warnings to them. Been thinking a couple of times on what to do with this problem cause I do have sinus...this problems just keeping my health level low..boohoo~

Thinking like a pro~

After thinking so much while watching Naruto, I then decided to modify my ceiling. It's better that way ya!

By using tapes as the main material, I tape my ceiling so that there will be no gap on the ceiling. Then of course all these hama won't come and harm me again..hihi~

The main material..huhu

The idea is practical but the work was kinda exhausted. Huhu...but worry not, when there is a will, there is a way!!

Work is in first!!

So here is the new ceiling~

Kinda neat huh?

Hehe..been using this 'new' ceiling for two days now, not a single hama on sight!! Yes3!! Hope it stays that way ya!!

That way the pigeon and me could live happily ever after~


Aidy Shahiezad said...

but, will that plaster tape lasting any longer cause as far as im concern u're taping plaster tape into "those type" of ceiling ?? :0

zul said...

emmmm, ni mesti kes, takde keje cari keje...lalallalala

lea said...


kipas xnak tukar baru ker?

alhaqimi said...

haha...weyh...nak order leh? huhu

aShaBuLz said...

aidy:'s the only idea i've got. we'll see how long will it last.
afterall if i'm using more extream measure, might be fine for vandalism ;b

hahaha...terpaksa bro..aku dah naik jerawat ngan resdung dah sbb benda nih..haha

aShaBuLz said...

hihihi...ada gak pikir nak guna kipas pakai sensor..hehehe.

tak leh..shuh2...haha

Afzainizam said...

Salam dari kami
sorry agak tertinggal entry ko lah ... aku sibuk sikit sekarang... ni ade free masa sikit aku layan blog ko sorry ye...

ha.. sekarang orang pakai aircon lah ... tapi tak elok lah kalau tubuh asyik dok dalam kesejukan aircon tu... boleh lemah paru-paru lah

yup kipas gak yang bagusnya ye.... aku cuma ade kipas meja aje kecik ciut...

Afzainizam said...

Salam dari kami
sorry agak tertinggal entry ko lah ... aku sibuk sikit sekarang... ni ade free masa sikit aku layan blog ko sorry ye...

wehhh ko tak ade kerja ke.... habis siling tu ko buatnya.. tapi dari sini nampak cantik plak.. bergaris-garis...

Afzainizam said...

┌─┐ ─┐
│▒│ /▒/
│▒ /▒/─┬─┐
Peace no war...
Selamatkan Palestin.. Tanggungjawab Yang Wajib Ditunaikan ... Selamatkan Gaza!
Ratusan ribu rakyat Palestin berada di ambang kebuluran..

Misi KeAmanan dari kami…

Weehhh sorry beb lama betul gua tak datang ziarah... Bussy sikit lah...

ha...ha... tutup hidung aku teringat pasal H1N1 .... beb kena jaga lubang hidung nanti masuk habuk betul tu...

aShaBuLz said...

hehe...aku takleh dok dalam aircond sangat nnt idung main air hingus..hahaha

eh siling aku memang lawa pun...tgk tuan dia r..hehe...

jgn sebut pasal H1N1 woo....sekarang ni gelombang kedua ada lagi woo..

@xiM said...

ayat last tu so sweet..pigeon and u live happily ever after..:p

aShaBuLz said...

hahahaha....kinda like in a fairy tale eh? heh