Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 wiSh LisT

Someone asked me...about my wish list for 2010.
Well, this is it:
Have a nice and comfort car
Eventhough I love my bike so means nothing if the the rain starts to pour ya. Hehe...afterall, I always travel with my laptop around.
Right now, I have two choices of car. A Sedan or a SUV. Which one better?
If it's Sedan, the design does fit my so called 'young spirit'. It does looks stylish and of enough to go back to my hometown in less than 7
A Sedan car
While driving SUV, my confident level would surely boost as in SUV, U will get a wider view of driving as SUV is a bit higher than a Sedan. But does it fits my style? Who knows...
What kind of Sedan and SUV am I babbling about? Hehe...U will know it sooner or later.
Some savings
Yup...wish I can save some money in case of emergency. All these years there always been some I could not save money according to the ammount that I wish ya..heh.
That is why I'm joining a business - Biodisc. It's a product from Germany from QI company...a sub company from Questnet. It uses nano technology and resonance in order to produce wave that can help in crystalize the molecule of water.
Currently I'm using the product to help curing a paralyzed person.
Kita hanya berusaha dan bertawakkal...Allah juga yang menentukan. InsyaAllah..
I'll tell U all about it next year k. =b
Peace for all as we are one
One word - PEACE but it means everything. I wish for peace within my country...and my world. To gain peace, we need something called understanding. It is what we lack of right now.
Without understanding each other, how can we co-op and tolerate? How can we discuss things in a proper manner? And how can we sit and eat together in one table?
No laugh, no joy and what's smile..
A better person
I really like the song by robbie williams - better man. Heh...yup. Guess we all want to be a better person ya. In my case, I want to be a better person in Islam, a better son to my parents, a better brother to my siblings, a better someone to someone, a better friend to all my friends, a better lecturer to my students and a better me to myself.
It's not an easy task...but I'll try with a smile. Hehe..
Places where my fingerprints aren't there yet.
Hehe...wish that I could at least went to places in Malaysia that I have never been to. U know...get to know more about my country. To look Malaysia in a different perspective...and of course, to leave my fingerprints there. Hehe...

Sneak peak at
A lot of things happened in 2009. Bitter and sweet..all mixed up but it help in building a stronger me. Haha...
Well whatever U do, remember to smile ok! Stay cool and try to look something from a positive perspective!!
Action beam!!!!
One last question for the viewer for 2009:
Any improvement that U think appropriate for me or my blog? lol..
p/s: something wierd about my blog....can't seem to have space between paragraphs..*sigh

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

sNacKs FroM taWau

Last two weeks, one of the staf in my department just came back from his hometown, Tawau. Been there for about a week gave him the opportunity to import some snacks that can easily be found in Tawau.


The right one in the picture is 'kuih cincin'. It does looks a bit like 'kuih penderam' but the different is that 'kuih cincin' outer layer is not as soft as 'penderam'. And of course, 'kuih cincin' can be said as the extension version of 'penderam'.


'Penderam' as I know it is this small thing....that looks like a ring and dark brown in colour. As for 'kuih cincin'....easy to say, it consist (what a brilliant choice of word) of 7 to 8 'penderam' that being combined together. It does looks like a flower...i guess. Haha..

The taste...superb. Oldfolks saying 'rangup dan lazat'..buwahaha.

The left one in the picture is 'empelang' or also known as 'pelang-pelang'. Is is actually a snack made out from 'ikan tenggiri'. Yes.....good news for those who does not like fish bone.

The taste is great! Crunchy yet satisfying...haha. I couldn't get enough of this thing..once U got your hands on 'empelang', U just don't know when to stop....even the guy who tried to stop U will join in eventually...based on experienced...haha.

Lepat pisang?

The last one is this snack call 'buras'. Looks like 'lepat pisang' but inside is made out of 'beras'. It does smell like 'lepat pisang' but taste like 'lemang'. Haha....if it's taste like lemang, then it is best to be eat with some 'sambal' or 'rendang'....oh..suddenly my stomach starts to

Looks yummy..

I guess it is call 'buras' because of the main ingredient they use - 'beras'...may be after the 'beras' being cooked, it is called 'buras'? It is like a past-tense to the word 'beras'...haha.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Salam dan selamat sejahtera buat pembaca semua..

Apa khabar hari ini? Hari yang indah? Ceria? Hehe...

Ok, hari ini aku nak berkongsi sesuatu dengan para pembaca semua....

Berkongsi cerita tentang sebuah buku...

Buku? Tentang apa?

Tentang Cinta..(peewit!!)

Karya Ust. Pahrol Mohd Juoi. Telaga Biru

Hehe...sebenarnya buku ini aku dapat pada awal tahun 2009 dan baru habis baca hujung tahun ni...bayangkanlah berapa lama masa yang di ambil untuk menghabiskan satu buku...huhu.

Buku ini sememangnya dihadiahkan oleh seorang teman kepada aku. Teman yang peramah...cute...redup-redup tingginya. Haha..mungkin dia tahu yang aku ni kurang minat membaca, jadi terus dia bagi aku buku.

Apapun, memang buku ini memberikan pemahaman kepada aku tentang apa sebenarnya cinta. Cinta itu sememangnya bukan hanya sesama manusia (aku yakin pembaca semua tahu tentang ini)..ada banyak jenis cinta dan yang jelasnya cinta kepada Pencipta adalah yang paling utama.

Dari cinta itulah akan lahir secara indah cinta kepada manusia yang menjuruskan segalanya kerana Allah.

Penulisan di dalam buku ini amat ringkas dan mudah difahami. Tidak seperti buku-buku yang selalu menggunakan ayat-ayat formal. Buku ini memberikan penjelasan ayat dalam konteks yang ringan dan tidak formal.
Bahasa yang seiring dengan pertuturan remaja sekarang...gerenti baca sampai habis. Haha..

Dalam buku ini turut dimuatkan pro dan kontra bercinta sebelum berkahwin dan bercinta selepas berkahwin. Tak bermaksud bercinta sebelum berkahwin itu salah dan tidak pula bermaksud bercinta selepas berkahwin itu pasti bahagia.
Siap ada komen Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah lagi..
Apa yang penting kena cinta kepada Allah dahulu...baru cinta kepada yang lain akan kekal..
Terima kasih kepada teman yang memberi buku ini. Aku membaca, menerima dan menterjemahkan isi-isi buku ini di dalam entri kali ini, sekadar berkongsi untuk peringatan aku dan para pembaca semua.
Tentang cinta~...tajuk yang sedap...peewit!!
Bacalah!! =D
p/s: jom pakat ramai-ramai baca woo..
Q -kenapa tulis dalam BM?
A - tak salah kot kalau guna bahasa rasmi..hehe

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

MaRkiNg wEeks

Its been a great day are U, my fellow viewer?
Hope that all of us are in a happy and great condition.
For your information, this week and the week after are the 'marking paper weeks'. And of course...marking is not easy.

Let the pen keep on rolling..!!

Marking can be such a pain in the head (not a pain in the *** but if U know where to find the pleasure in marking, it would turn that opinion upside down.

Well then, what kind of pleasure that I can find while marking these papers? Lol....lots of pleasure....

"Q: Nyatakan jenis-jenis tukul"
"A: Tukul Tanduk Kambing
Tukul Kepala Philips"
Aiyak.....the answer really tickles me. It's not that I'm trying to laugh at him but when U see that kind of answer, it is cute you know. Really cute..
"Q: Berikan fungsi gerudi mata benam"
"A: Untuk membenam"
Brilliant.. =)
"Q: Nyatakan kebaikan dan keburukan mikrometer"
"A: Kebaikan - memberikan bacaan yang tepat
Keburukan - kadang-kadang kurang tepat"
No comment.. =b
Other than that, while marking, sometimes U got to play detective - identifying their handwriting just to understand the message they try to deliver. It's a tough work ya....challenging yet rewarding. Especially when U finally 'appraise' the sentence in less then three minutes!!
Of course there were times when I feel like 'what kind of answer is this?'...'haven't I taught this in class?' but what to do. I'm the one that do the teaching but they are the one digesting it. Still, deep down I know I need to polish up my skills in teaching.

Care for another paper?
Oh btw, I would never intend to embarrassed my student in this entry, its just that what they did sometimes, shows how cute they are..
I just love this job!! =)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

bZ buT haPpy!!

This newly passed November has been a very busy month for me...haha.

With all the courses......syllabus to catch...thousands of sheets to fill in and outstation assignments, my time for my laptop has definitely been cut off. Oh not to mention the internet around here....that is just another permanent factor *sigh

Let me just give U, my lovable viewer a short and simple story on what I did on November...

1. FIRA robot.

I was invited as a representative from my institution (a last minute replacement actually..haha) to witness the FIRA Soccer Robot competition that was held in Polytechnic Port Dickson. It was great !!

Soccer Robot..go!!

There, I learn on how to program the robot, the software use and etc. It was a great exposure for someone as amateur as me...hehe. Oh, and I've made some new friends too!! In fact, I even learn a thing or two about IC, PLC and PIC from them. Thanks dudes!!

Next year FIRA

Btw, if budget is ok, next year we'll be competing for the U better watch out! yeehaa!!

2. Pra - Graduation Dinner 09

Yes, I was one of the committee and I'm in charge of the backdrop session.

The theme is black and white (suddenly MJ face starting to fill my head..). So, here it is....walla!!

The prop

My team got credits for such a nice backdrop..haha..proud to be part of the team.

3. Student carrier path 09

This was actually a one day seminar for the last semester students. It gives briefing on how to go to the interview...the attire...attitude and resume.

It also helps in motivates students to carefully planned their path - working or pursue a degree.

This time around, I'm not the speaker..thank God. hehe..

4. Surveillance Audit

Aiyak..!!! It was like a nightmare!! Haha....

The two days of auditing felt somewhat like 2 months! Hehe....I'm sure U should know that by the word auditing, it surely involves documents.

Where is the file?

Most of U surely have gone through the auditing process...kinda scary huh.

Thank God no NCR for my department...Alhamdulillah~

Auditing in process..

5. BTN

BTN comes 2 days right after Surveillance Audit...

It was great. The facts on how we achieve Merdeka was nicely being elaborate. We should know what is the content of Social Contract.

The patriotism before we achieve Merdeka was way better than today..*sigh

6. The last one....MQA.

Still working on it. Got to prepare all the documents A.S.A.P...huhu

Only God knows the details...haha


Well U know what, even though November seems to be one of the busiest month that I had, to tell u the truth, I kinda enjoying it!!

It was fun meeting new friends, sharing knowledge...and got to know new stuffs.

And yet, even though I'm still busy, I'll always happy!!